A Fake Lawn? Is It Possible?

If it isn’t raining on a Saturday afternoon you will be found chugging along with your lawn mower trying to bring your overgrown lawn into some form of semblance and order. You want those wild blades of grass to get in line and to tame them down. But why is it that you don’t see your neighbor sweating away like you with roaring sound of the cylinder mower disturbing the whole neighborhood. They don’t seem to spend a minute of their time dedicated to tending to their lawns but their lawns look infuriatingly lush and perfect. Is that even possible?

Yes it is!

Because what you see next door is not your typical blades of ryegrass, red fescue or brown top that synthetic turf suppliers Sydney offer you. It’s simply fake grass. Yes, it’s fake just like the ones you would find in an inner city skateboard park. They are made of synthetic fibers that give you the immaculate finish you are looking for. And they are the perfect solution for your weekend dilemmas on how to get away from the task of mowing your lawn.

The advantages

Imagine the luxury of having a lawn that you don’t need to mow and tend to twice a month. Well the solution is to line your garden with the synthetic turf that is now readily available with all professional turf layers. These synthetic fibers don’t grow an inch and therefore spare you the hassle of pushing your lawn mower around every other weekend on a hot afternoon. These synthetic fibers also don’t have to be watered ever, to give you a lush appearance. What a relief that is from having to constantly badger someone in the household to get off their seats and go water the grass, so that it doesn’t appear like a dead brown desert outside your garden during the baking hot summers.

Plus this fake turf does not look so fake, that people instantly recognize it for the plastic carpet that it is. There are some really refined and realistic products out there in the market today which are indistinguishable from the real thing. Even on walking it gives you the tickly feeling of blades of grass against your feet, but the only thing it lacks is the coolness that real grass provides. But some people would readily forgo that for all the other plusses of this synthetic turf.

Even though most people will feel that the use of fake grass is laughable the sales of these green carpets are on the rise and increasing in popularity.