Solutions To Common Paint Problems

There are many reasons why it is wise to hire a good contractor to do your home painting project. Not only does it help with the higher visual appeal, but it can also help you to avoid common paint problems that are faced by many people due to not following proper painting guidelines.

If some paint-related problems occur, remember that a lot of them have some easy remedies, some of them being quite doable by yourself without any assistance. To help you further with this aspect, given below are the more common issues you are likely to encounter:

  • Drips – Paint drips will generally stay unless they are noticed on the spot by the water-colourist and corrected immediately. Drips are caused by poor painting practices and are most likely to occur when inexperienced painters overload their brushes or rollers with paint. Thankfully, fixing them only involves scraping the affected area with a piece of sandpaper and applying some paint afterwards to cover it up again. Click here if you want the best painters in Adelaide.
  • Flaking – The reason for flaking paint is that the paint itself has not properly adhered to the surface it has been applied on. This can be due to several reasons, depending on the nature and type of surface, as well as what kind of paint was applied. For example, it can happen if the surface of the wall is just too smooth, or even if it was not properly cleaned beforehand. Flaking can be a bit tricky to fix, and larger areas will require you to fully strip down the old paint and repaint them properly.
  • Fungi or Algae Growth – Fungi or algae growth is mostly seen in damp places or in those that are exposed to high levels or moisture regularly. While it may be hard to clean up such growth by manual means, using a high-pressure washer can work wonders in completely getting rid of it, thus allowing you to preserve your walls for a longer period of time.
  • Gritty Finish – Generally, a gritty paint finish is a result or paint getting contaminated with impurities, such as dirt, dust or even dead skin cells. It can happen quite a lot of times when opting for residential painters with a less than stellar track record. Gritty paint can also be fixed by sanding down the affected area and reapplying a coat of paint on top.
  • Mould Patches – Mould spore may find their way into settling on top of damp paint, and might cause mould patches to occur in some spots, occasionally discolouring them as well. To avoid this problem, it is always recommended to treat the affected areas with a good fungicide before you try to repaint them.