How To Spice Up Your Home On A Budget?

With increasing trends and increase in expenses, it seems next to impossible to get your house up to standard. All major renovation to the house would mean that you will have to call an interior designer or an architect because you can’t simply do it by yourself out of fear of messing up. However, what you can do is making small changes in and around the house which maybe in the limit of your budget and would also spice things up around the house.

Add colours.

Easiest and the quickest way to elevate the look of your house is to add colours. But don’t overdo it. A white or grey paint for the walls will never go out of style and if you have engineered flooring Melbourne then you don’t want to add colours that would clash with the modern touch. Throw in some cushions of different and colours that pop. You could also hang some paintings which will make your house much livelier and also rustic. For your bedroom, you can paint one wall with a bold colour and use stencils to crate random illusions around that wall while the other corners are white. Add textures by using nice beddings for your bed and maybe a rug by your bed.

The Furniture.

If you have a discount decking timber for your deck flooring then go on to add some wooden chairs and tables for your deck. You can also hang a hammock in your deck, hammocks are always in trend and what better than a nice view, good book and a place to lie down and read. Don’t throw away old furniture rather pair it up with new ones and add an element of antique to your living room.

Artworks and frameworks.

Nothing screams elegance like art and photographs and the best thing about it is that they are dirt cheap. Line up the mantel with family pictures or pictures from your graduation and hang some artwork that your friend gifted you years ago. If you don’t want to spend on artworks then maybe create your own. Anything and everything can be art so grab a canvas, some paint and charcoal and get to work.

The Lightings.

You would be surprised with what a bit of lighting can do to your home. The old school ceiling light can be replaced with long standing lamps. The best and the easiest way to light up your home will be by hanging up fairy lights and they aren’t that expensive. Arranging fairy lights is easy so you can go crazy with the arrangements so don’t shy away.