Child Proofing Your Home

Don’t wait till you child starts to walk or crawl to baby proof your house. Give baby proofing the priority you give to a warm, welcoming nursery, because let me remind you, safety is more important. There are many guidelines pertaining to making your house baby friendly in a safe way that are just a click away.
Keep it clean
I know I know. You just gave birth and your laundry piles are probably taller than Mount Everest, and your dishes have been in the sink overnight, for several days. However, give it all that you have to keep you house clean enough for your baby to be healthy. Upholstered furniture cleaning, carpet cleaning Carrum Downs, curtains and blinds cleaning are of paramount importance, as these are hubs for dust mites that might irritate your little human’s nose.
Having said that, you don’t have to spend every other day carpet cleaning or washing curtains, just maintain their cleanliness at a rate that is comfortable for you.
Keep chemicals well away
Keep every botte of medicine, every tablet, every capsule and every bottle of cleaning agents well hidden from your kids. When your baby first start moving around, every little thing interests them. Their inborne inquisitive nature forces them to try all sorts of thing with what they find. So, if there is a perfume bottle lying around, chances are that they will drop the bottle to see how tit falls, or even spray some on their eyes.
Secure what is unsafe
Invest in those tiny electrical socket covers, to cover all your power outlets that are within the baby’s reach. Also cover all wires that are connected to power. Protect sharp edges of tables etc., with silicone or other corner covers. Mount your TVs and secure your other tall furniture that carry the risk of toppling.
Crib safety
We are notoriously famous for filling cribs with soft toys that are twice as big as the baby itself, just so that it looks good. If you have not heard of SIDs, it is time that you sit and spend a good few hours reading about it Never keep soft toys in the crib of an infant. Not only soft toys, ditch the pillow too. They don’t need a pillow until they are about a year old. Make sure the cot sheet is well secured at the edges, and that it fits tightly to eh crib mattress. All of this is to avoid suffocation, since if God forbid, a baby’s airways are covered by these material, they are unable to react to safety on their own. Get rid of the cot bumpers. There are more than a few tragic incidents that are related to the strings of cot bumpers.