The Various Types Of Flower Pots

The indoor flower pot must have the aesthetic characteristics necessary and also the right kind of material. The indoor flower pots for planting flower seeds usually come in varied sizes, materials, styles and shapes. Top on the list among these materials is the clay and plastic material. These two types of indoor flower pots are very convenient and widely available. However, there are other materials that are also used in the making of the flower pots such as concrete, resin, wood, fibreglass and metal. The style are diverse and are widely represented as hanging baskets, watering pot, wall planters and other made from recycled containers such as coffee cans.
 In terms of weight and price, the plastic containers win the day with their characteristic light weight and affordability in the market. In keeping with traditional most plastic containers are round in shape however, there are other type of plastic pots that are squared in shape for the planting of fake plants in Brisbane. The plastic containers come equipped with an attached tray that is meant for drainage purpose. In some instances when there are no in built trays there are the sauces that are used in catching the dripping water from the pots. The plants in the pots do not need so much watering as plants in the containers made of the myriads of materials highlighted above.
The other common materials typically found in various indoor setting is the clay. Clay is a very popular type of flower pot because of the aesthetic characteristics it adds to the indoor settings. And also clay is presented in various forms of the original clay materials such as the terracotta, ceramic and earthenware. The finished clay flower pot is usually glazed but also there are others that are unglazed. The glazed clay material may not require a drip tray as a means of protecting the floors, furniture and windowsills. The unglazed pot should have a saucer strategically placed underneath so that the surface the pot is resting from is protected from water damage. The unglazed clay pots are usually porous material that will absorb the water easily. In such a case the plants in such pots need to be watered regularly. The hanging baskets are basically round pots that are made of clay and plastic.
 And it is good to note the kind of pots that are available before you balcony gardens. The hanging bastes are usually shallower than those pots that are placed on flat surface. As the name suggests the hanging baskets are meant to be hanged and as such they come with hooks that can help in hanging them on beam or ceiling. The other types of clay hanging pots or their plastic counterparts designed without hooks can be easily placed in a wire holder that has been designed for that purpose. In some instances the pots are usually made of reed material, however, they are lined with plastic in order to prevent the water from dripping on to furniture or floors. There is also a flower pot that is self-watering; actually designed with a reservoir that is used in holding water.  The choice in the flower pot will be determined by the preferences and the best material available for use in planting flower plants.